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Teaching the Terego Learning Method©

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How can teachers best prepare their students for a career and life in a world in which increasingly rapid change is the only constant?

We know this!

  • Children think.
  • Children are pattern-recognition geniuses.
  • Children are adaptable, innovative and creative.
  • Children are instinctive problem-solvers.
  • Children are inquisitive.
  • Children have good memories.
  • If they do not use all these skills they get bored.
  • If they do use all these skills children buy-in to their learning.

Which best-practices are most suited to preparing children for the kind of future they will face?

  1. Developing critical thinking skills.
  2. Learning problem solving.
  3. Practicing collaboration.
  4. Emphasizing clear communications.
  5. Stressing and testing memorization.


Using the free Terego Learning Method© teachers can guide their students as they teach themselves and one another the skills needed for the coming Renaissance driven by innovation.

This blog is devoted to helping teachers incorporate student-centric learning.

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