We know that all students need time to practice collaborating with others to address important issues. It’s a developmental priority because this is the optimal way for them to become skilled at problem-solving, and at developing their own world view based on critical thinking. Truth seeking.

We know this skill is going to be crucial for their personal and professional lives; now more than ever. They just need a safe space and non-burdensome protocols in order to practice. As does anyone.

Without structure, student-centered discussion can go awry. And due to curricular pressure, the available time for this activity often falls by the wayside.

What to do? 

Start by getting your FREE Terego Ideation Method™ Certification and become confident that you can now guide your students as they think things through thoroughly – guaranteed. 

And then set aside a few minutes each day so you can use your skills as a TIM™ session facilitator to guarantee that your students will:

  • Enhance their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.
  • Experience the thrill of personal autonomy.
  • Involve themselves in creating high-functioning communities. 
  • Practice their innate critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and communications skills.
  • Understand how to create an authentic ideation (opinion.)
  • Know how to communicate and share that opinion.
  • Have fun.
  • And bring their experiences back to regular classes having gained a little more wisdom.

Maria Montessori tells us to respond when a child reveals this inner need: “Help me to do it alone.” TIM™ is one possible answer to the question, “How?”

They need a nudge. A stimulus. A question. Help your students to help themselves to a helping of new ideas.

Get Certified. Start fostering thinking. Download the TIM™ Certification Course here. It takes less than 30 minutes.

After certification you can then share videos with other teachers and parents showing how your students thoroughly thought through a problem or issue. Share how your students developed authentic opinions through questioning. On anything; literally. Bullying, Math, Social Media, Politics, Careers, History, Robotics, Diversity, or Art, let them decide. And post it here. Facebook/Blue Ocean Schools

The TIM™ method I have devised has been used by instructional designers, K12 students, teachers, parents, tutors, grad students, and engineers as a close-quarter, tactile, guided group experience with societal as well as personal goals. 

You may be wondering if Ideation could also be delivered by a video game. Stay tuned.   

Thanks for reading. 




My Book on Hybrid Learning.