Our children are intellectuals waiting to happen. How can you help them move from potential to actuality? Show them, persuade them, or nag them, even bribery helps, until they understand that all they have to do is simply engage with a topic using their intellect. And let them know that they don’t have to learn how to do that. It’s one of their 11innate Hybrid Skills. 

They do need to know all about what this gift means. They just need to know that they were born ready to engage intellectually with the world. They just need to understand they already have the intellectual ability to do it. All they need to do is to remind themselves of several questions they need to constantly ask of themselves and of the material being learned. It always come down to questioning. Theirs. Not yours. 


They might begin intellectually engaging with this question: What is the point of view – or agenda – of the provider of the information?  Or this: What information is needed that will help me learn this fact or skill, and what information is lacking? Those are three of many more questions in my book Hybrid Learning in the Infoliteracy section. 


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Excerpted from my book Hybrid Learning