We have evolved to instinctively recognize patterns; that much seems certain. It is one of the Hybrid Skills. Patterns attract our attention. We cannot ignore them. We learn from them. Patterns are regularities with no variations. Taken together, these observations mean there must be an evolutionary advantage to pattern recognition skills. 

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors had to estimate if predators were seeking the same prey as they were, and how many predators there were, and how dangerous. They did this based on stimuli or clues such as animal sounds, broken twigs, and footprints. The hunters could only survive if they judged from the patterns which they saw whether or not they had the physical capability to defend themselves, successfully kill, or escape. If not, they died. The ones who survived must have had the best ability to recognize patterns, identify cues, and act, and they were the ones who lived and passed on their genes 8000 plus generations ago making your children adept pattern recognition machines. 

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Excerpted from my book Hybrid Learning.