The role and goal of parents and teachers in the learning endeavor is simple: Present children with learning opportunities that stimulate their hybrid learning reflexes so they will think critically, collaborate willingly, solve problems appropriately and communicate accurately. And make sure their children know the rules.

 * First is the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

* All members will keep an open mind. 

*  Each member has equal value. 

* Each member is to be taken seriously

* Each member has to take the other members seriously

* Each member’s opinion is valid. 

* Individual members are safe from personal attack. Scorn, ridicule, personal judgments, and destructive criticism are forbidden. Only ideas can be attacked, not people. Even then politeness rules: do not interrupt—let the other member finish speaking. 

* There are no bad ideas, just ideas. 

* All members will do their best to keep the focus on the ideas, and not on side issues. 

* All members will do their best to reach a consensus. 

* Each member will take turns as the group leader. Group leaders will be treated with extra respect. 

* Final rule: see the Golden Rule. 

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Excerpted from my book Hybrid Learning.