What we should be attempting to develop in children is their Intellectual Engagement, because that will lead them to understand not just the What the content of their lesson, but the Why the purpose behind their learning; especially figuring out what it means to them: their Justified Belief. 

If students do not engage with the material, and merely memorize it for later recall, they will never understand whether or not the material or content is vital to their future. That is the tragedy of test-taking; we do not even attempt to get children to understand why they are learning. And studies have shown that three months after taking a test most test-takers have forgotten much of the content anyway. 

In order to engage children’s intellect in the learning process, parents and teachers need to inculcate deep learning: an intellectual way of acquiring knowledge and skills, which over time becomes routine. It must be noted that the only way this can happen is if children convince themselves. 

As I have written before; if children convince themselves of the need to learn the fire comes from within. Having their feet held to the fire has the opposite effect. 

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Excerpted from my book Hybrid Learning