Scientists can see and measure the structures, functions, and effects of the brain since it is made up of physical nerve cells and connections which send and receive signals. However, those nerves end at the surfaces of our organs.

On the other hand, the mind does not seem to be confined inside of our waterproof bag of skin. Operating like a kind of electro-magnetic field, the mind seems to not just influence or control its owner, it also radiates beyond its source and can probe into the minds of others and imagine other realities. 

I have asked hundreds of children in classroom settings if they can accurately tell Mom’s frame of mind by just observing her without spoken words, and not one has ever said no. Surely this would not be possible if either the child’s mind or Mom’s mind were trapped inside the skull. Children can even read the mind of a complete stranger. 

All that makes learning easier.  The Terego Ideation Method™ helps too. 

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Excerpted from my book Hybrid Learning.