“All human beings possess not just a single intelligence rather we human beings are better described as having a set of autonomous intelligences.” Prof. Howard Gardner 

Born in 1943, Howard Gardner is a developmental psychologist at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is best known for his Theory of Multiple Intelligences. 

His theory challenges assumptions about how we learn. His research showed that humans have several different ways of processing information, and these ways are relatively independent of one another. They are:

  1. Verbal/linguistic.
  2. Logical/mathematical.
  3. Visual/spatial.
  4. Bodily/kinesthetic.
  5. Musical/rhythmic.
  6. Interpersonal.
  7. Intrapersonal.

Each child uses all these intelligences in different ratios in order to learn. 

Gardner wants us to think of our intelligence as not just a single computer, but as a network of specialized computers. Within this network, some parts are better at some tasks than others. Some parts of the network are better at certain times of the day. And others are better at certain stages of life.

Most schools are focused exclusively on the linguistic and logical skills of their students because of the importance attached to federally mandated testing, and because of the overwhelming presence of words and reasoning in our culture, we have largely forgotten that these other means of learning exist. Consequently, we do not give them as much emphasis as the classical Literacy of Words.

The challenge is to match learning strategies to strengths. If, as Gardner proposes, your children come equipped with a complete arsenal of intelligences, are you helping the whole child? Are you focusing only on their language and logical skills and ignoring the fact that many children explore ideas through music, art, dance, or by focusing on their emotions or those of others?

I would bet that if this is the first time you are hearing about Multiple Intelligences then as you read you are probably checking to see which ones predominate in you or someone you are responsible for teaching. 

When I was developing my theory of Hybrid Learning, I came to understand their extreme usefulness as a teaching/learning tool. Multiple Intelligences is the eleventh of eleven innate Hybrid Skills. 

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