Questioning is the only active filter we have. Questioning makes us Infoliterate: a.k.a. discriminating consumers. Data are overwhelming children.

In this age when data is doubling every few hours we need to know how to refine these raw data for insights, and turn them into actionable intelligence. And the only way to do that is through questions, beginning with always questioning the data’s source. That is Infoliteracy

Questions are the sound your mind makes when it is thinking. Questions allow children to see patterns. And from birth onwards they are pattern-recognition machines. Questioning is a way to find better answers. And we are a very curious species always looking for answers. Questions uncover fallacies. And we need to detect falsities now more than ever. Questions lead to solving the right problem. And solving the wrong problem can be catastrophic. Questions clarify the ambiguities in our opinions and the opinions of others; and ambiguities are the norm in life making questioning both a defensive and an offensive tactic. Questions are the only way to Ideate. And that leads to Justified Beliefs. 

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Excerpted from my book Hybrid Learning.