Probably the most easily identified reason that thinking in groups – teamwork – works so well is because of the Network Effect.

The simplest analogy to explain this effect is the telephone. When the first telephone was invented, it had only a theoretical function or purpose until a second telephone was introduced into the network. With two telephones there was now a basic network in place with a total of two nodes and two bi-directional relationships; two people (nodes) could now hold a bi-directional conversation without being in each other’s presence thereby increasing the value of the invention. When a third and fourth telephone or node was introduced something different and new happened, the bi-directional relationships increase to six, and then 12 and so on causing exponential growth in the bi-directional relationships. 

Instead of telephones in a network, think of children around a table or around the world. The more students, the more bi-directional relationships; and the more chances there are to spark ideas. Of course, these being children, there is a group limit; my suggestion is eight. So, think in a group using the Terego Ideation Method™

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Excerpted from my book Hybrid Learning.