TIM™ for Instructional Designers. 

“This really altered the way I think about problems. I’m more confident now. This was really fun and life changing.” A. Aguero. Sr. Instructional Designer. Try expanding and differentiating your role and approach to problem-solving by unleashing your team’s innate skills.

The problems instructional designers, trainers, and learning officers face can be Tough. And your solutions must be near-exact. That means the more rigorous the process the better your odds of getting it right. 

Fortunately, you, your colleagues, or clients were born already equipped with the all the intellectual and emotional tools needed to solve problems. We all do. The evidence is there. We can think. We can collaborate. We can solve problems. We can communicate. We are empathetic. And we do all of that by questioning. 

That’s how all of humanity’s problems have always been addressed. Outcomes of course vary. But imagine if the words “What if?” had never been uttered. 

So, how can you ignite your team’s hardwired cognitive ability?

How can you intentionally unleash reasoning in individuals or teams? 


Questions are the sound your mind makes when it thinks. Questions – 

  • Lead to IDEATIONS. 
  • Are the match that starts the fire. The person strikes the match though. 
  • Are the only known tool for Knowledge-mining. 
  • Take the guesswork out of problem solving. 
  • Build trust.
  • Allow us to design how we go about solving problems. 
  • Help generate new ideas, new understandings, and communities.
  • Help build mental models (thought experiments) before making decisions.
  • Help teams leverage all their diversity of skills and experience. 
  • Empower the questioner. 
  • Create an immersive and enjoyable experience for everyone. 
  • Help us look back using memory and forward using imagination. 
  • Mostly, help our reach exceed our grasp.

But questioning needs structure; whether intrapersonal or interpersonal, in a meet-up or a conference call. 

Learn the art of skillful, guided questioning. Lead others as they deploy structured questioning in search of answers, opinions, solutions, suggestions, plans, or justified beliefs. On anything. Free. 

DOWNLOAD THE FREE (LINK TO IDLO CERTIFICATION) TIM™ Certification Workbook for Instructional Designers. And start mining knowledge. Help others think things through thoroughly – guaranteed. 

P.S Once you have looked at the workbook, you might start thinking this should be a video game, we did. Stay tuned.




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