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How can eLearning surprise you today?

How can eLearning surprise you today?

You can be pleasantly surprised if you recognize that there is a big difference between these two very different objectives of all learning. Fact Transmission. Problem-Solving. How can you recognize the difference? Simple, ask this question first! Is the purpose of...

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Free Workbook

Companion guide for Hybrid Learning book. Step-by-step instructions on how to help children uncover facts, find new information, and synthesize the two into their authentic opinion- Their Justified Belief. 

Hybrid Learning

Introducing the Terego Ideation Method™  helping children understand themselves, the world, and others. 

Soulfulness A Spiritual Evolution

Join me as I trace my spiritual awakening to the Catholic faith. This spiritual growth towards faith and trust in God began in earnest when the Salesian Fathers introduced me to the roots of my faith. 

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